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The AYERS CENTER should not be missing in any adult home cinema set and has all the audiophile virtues of the AYERS series. With its 2 ½ way concept it offers a perfect, linear radiation pattern for the audience on the far left and right of the sofa. With a height of only 162 mm, the CENTER can be placed on almost any shelf or sideboard.


  • Room size
    small to large
    Shelf, side or lowboard
    Min. amp power
    from 30 watts
    Max. short term handling
    120 watts
    Frequency Response
    38 Hz - 32 kHz (-10 dB)
    11,9 kg
    Maße mm über alles
    B 487 | H 162 | T 311

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Audiophile power from the middle.

It goes without saying that the CENTER fully meets the audiophile standards of the series. With two centers in the stereo set, you could hear music at the highest level. Equipped with the drivers from the entire line, voices and noises that move from left over the center to right during the film always sound identical. The powerful bass-midrange drivers in a double pack create a depth down to the 30 Hz region. You can also operate the CENTER in "Large" mode in your home cinema amplifier.

Thanks to a special tuning in which the crossover frequencies of the two woofers to the tweeter differ, the action is completely detached from the CENTER. This is necessary because of the wide enclosure front. Voices appear clean and airy, with first-class speech intelligibility. And that works well outside of the ideal listening position and at low volumes.

Exceptionally clear and without showing the slightest harshness, the voices sparkle brilliantly from the tweeter. Light-footed, relaxed and seamless in combination with the other models of the AYERS series, the CENTER gives your home cinema set passion and class. This special quality is transformed into great pleasure at Blu-ray concerts or multi-channel SACDs of classic works.

Consistently developed for the audiophile home cinema, the CENTER harmonises with all AYERS models.


The look behind the scenes.

The highest demands on the listening experience - with special requirements - require first-class know-how. Let's throw a professional together at the AYERS CENTER - made in Hamburg:

The CENTER works with two 12 cm long-throw woofers, the membrane of which is made of fiberglass-reinforced paper and is held in a particularly stable aluminium die-cast basket. Thanks to their massive drive, the woofers generate an astonishing lower end frequency of 38 Hz despite their manageable dimensions. The elaborate ventilation of the magnet system via two flanks reduces compression noises in the woofer to a minimum when there are large membrane movements.

The crossover frequencies of the woofers to the tweeters differ. This 2 ½ way concept is necessary because the lying shape and the wide enclosure front of the CENTER oppose a wide horizontal beam angle. The different crossover frequencies solve this problem so that listeners who are not sitting directly in front of the loudspeaker can also follow the content perfectly. The overall low crossover frequency of 800 Hz to the high-end silk tweeter dome further supports the omnidirectional behaviour. An effective filter steepness of 24 dB / octave enables this early transition. The precision-coated textile membrane of the tweeter allows excellent high frequency radiation up to over 20 kHz.

The CENTER’s crossover was developed using a real data computer-aided simulation and optimized in terms of linearity, phase addition, distortion behaviour of the drivers and the sound that is typical for INKLANG. Based on the calculated structure of the crossover, a Monte Carlo simulation was carried out in step two in order to calculate a reduction in the crossover components with identical results. A lower number of components reduces the losses and enables the cost savings to be invested in higher component quality.

  • Audio

    Technical Specs

    Frequency Response (-10 dB/0°)
    38 Hz - 32 kHz
    Short term handling (watts)
    Sensitivity dB (1W/1 m)
    Impedance nominal/minimum (Ω)
    Filter (dB)
    12 TW/ 12 WF
    Crossover Frequency
    800 Hz (2 1/2 ways)


    1 x 120 mm (4.75″) Midwoofer
    1 x 30 mm (1.2″) Tweeter

    enclosure concept



    Audio Inputs

    Single-Wire Terminal for
    max. cross section: 8 mm²



    11,9 kg

    Overall dimensions mm (W x H x D)

    487 x 162 x 311

    Operating Environment

    0° C up to 40° C
    no proximity to fireplaces / stoves
    no direct sunlight for hours
  • User Manual

    Ayers Center



The power from the center that turns your living room into a luxury cinema or intimate live club.



The perfect match for the appearance of the AYERS series in or on every TV cabinet.

Music is more than a pleasant background noise.

It is a world where sound is power and feeling. Joy. Sadness. Liveliness. Immerse yourself in this world.

One of the most popular genres of music ever:
hymns of praise.

Tested and found to be very good.
Again and again.
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