We are convinced that the highest demands on the listening experience and the best design are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary. By combining both requirements, you can enjoy your own home even more intensely. Visually and acoustically - this is why we founded INKLANG more than six years ago and today we deliver on these promises more than ever.

Music needs a soul.
Rooms too.

Choose speakers that will become part of your lifestyle and interior design.

Music is more than a pleasant background noise. It is a world in which music is strength and feeling. Joy. Sadness. Liveliness. Sooner or later there will come a moment for everyone when nice sound alone is no longer enough, when you want to experience the full energy of music. That was our inspiration to found INKLANG: The Hamburg loudspeaker manufactory that produces individualized high-end loudspeakers. According to your ideas. Customized.

In high end design. Because our goal is not just to convince acoustically. We also want to establish a new class optically. With INKLANG, you can decide whether your high-end speakers will merge with your furnishings and thus become invisible. Or whether you want to accentuate your rooms with your new speakers.

It's about personal taste, passion and freedom. Topics that, in our opinion, are an essential part of music. If you want to share this experience with us, we offer our youngest speaker generation AYERS for a weekend at the listening at your home on (available in the Netherlands). So that you can experience for yourself what music is all about - with speakers as individual as your taste in music.

Every Design
tells a story.

Choose the speakers that will become part of your lifestyle and interior design.

Things that we gather in our rooms have a function. But we don't choose them based on this aspect alone. They have to please us, suit us and tell a story. This shouldn't only apply to sofas, lamps and pictures.

Loudspeakers are more than just a function and tell a story. Only that with us you have the opportunity to determine this story yourself.

Our work was awarded the German Design Award 2016 early on. In 2017 and again in 2021 INKLANG was awarded the German Brand Award by the German Design Council for its excellent brand management.

Unheard of:
this sound.

High End defines the difference
between good and fascinating.

5 year guarantee. Also against boredom.

Quality from the port of Hamburg. With guarantee.

Quality is not just a word or a number. For us it is a philosophy. We manufacture individually in small series. The finishing of our high-end loudspeakers takes place in the port of Hamburg. You are cordially invited to do the final touches on your own individual pieces and to convince yourself of the outstanding quality of your new speakers.

It goes without saying that we significantly exceed the legal warranty and give you a 5-year guarantee on our loudspeakers.

And if you ever feel like changing the individual look of your speakers, we would be happy to give you the opportunity to do so: with our CHANGESMODUL you can completely change the color, the material of your speaker covers and cable sheathing. Because we believe that those who have a passion for design often also enjoy the change. Only the demand for quality never changes.

Founded out of passion.

Developed with perseverance.

Thomas Carstensen made career in the asset management industry until the request was growing in him, to create something of their own: a personal company with which he his passions for was able to realize music, the pursuit of perfection and attention to design consistent.

The INKLANG philosophy arose from this drive. When it comes to giving people the freedom to listen to high-end music, with speakers that allow you to live out your individual style according to your personal ideas.

Experience the concert of colours live in our showroom.

Book your personal meeting in the Port of Hamburg here.

Would you like to see, hear and touch our speakers? Then visit us in the port of Hamburg. Over an espresso, you can spontaneously listen to all the models in our showroom in the Stilwerk, examine original color samples and listen to music in peace. Click here to make an personal appointment in our showroom, if you prefer that. Or you can arrange a weekend appointment here (check availability) to test-listen at your home (available in the Netherlands).

One of the most popular genres of music ever:
hymns of praise.

Tested and found to be very good.
Again and again.
  • Philip M.

    An excellent product combined with a great and approachable service. I felt really well consulted at all times … and then there the sound.

  • Anonymous

    Service, delivery and product perfect.

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic loudspeakers, very obliging service in the showroom at Stilwerk. Fully satisfied.

  • Stephan W.

    Quick, easy and professional.

  • Anonymous

    Great speakers. My question were answered quickly and extensively even on the weekend.

  • Michael S.

    Very good consultation, excellent speakers with great value for money and fast delivery. I can only recommend it.

  • Holger K.

    Everything went well, from the order to the delivery. They even sound noticeably better at home than during the sound check at Stilwerk :-)))

  • Anonymous

    INKLANG is a shop where you not only get a great product, but also feel very welcomed. Friendly and binding …

  • Anonymous

    The whole buying-experience was a pleasure. The communication was good, all my wishes were taken into account and two wonderful speaker were delivered in the given time.

  • Peter W.

    Hereby, I’d like to tell all future customers that I’m very happy with my 13.2 loudspeakers. It’s not “just” the listening experience …

  • Michael S.

    Very good consultation, excellent speakers with great value for money and fast delivery. I can only recommend it.

  • Alf G.

    The loudspeakers are top class for their size. Mozart’s floating, Verdi’s choir appears to be in the room and Jimi Hendrix performs a personal concert in the living room …