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Even if we have our own ideas of design and quality, acceptance by others is very important to us. First and foremost, of course, this is the response from our customers, with whom we have been in close contact for years. But confirmation from our colleagues and the trade press is also important to us as to whether we are on the right track in our development. As you will see in a moment, we cannot complain of a lack of recognition. It is an incentive for us to keep trying.

17 October 2023

AYERS Five Wireless – Reference class

Lite Magazine 10/2023: "To begin with, INKLANG's pair of speakers gets to try their hand at TV sound. In documentaries, the midrange speaker makes its presence felt with a wonderful reproduction of voices from on and off. [...] Real exclamation points are put on AYERS Five Wireless, however, when "Saving Private Ryan" is selected via Netflix. […] The rolling Tiger tank almost makes the floor in the listening room shake without the need for a subwoofer. [...] Powerful, detailed and immersive, the stereo set cuts a great figure in movie mode. [...]

After a few clicks, Popa Chubby and the Beast Band kick things off with "Live at G. Bluey's Juke Joint NYC." Immediately it is noticeable how powerful and energetic the AYERS Five Wireless acts. [...]

26 September 2023

AYERS Three Wireless – Outstanding

LowBeats 09/23: "After all, I had the passive AYERS Three in my listening room for many weeks and it played like no other floorstander in its class before. But the active Three sounds - if you don't add amplifier electronics beyond 10,000 euros - in many points even better.

But this is not a test active versus passive. Music lovers who choose an active, possibly wireless speaker solution have many reasons for doing so.

30 August 2023

Excellent – AYERS Three Wireless

Audio Test 06/23: "Nodding our heads, we state our musical enthusiasm within the editorial team. This clearly proves that the AYERS Three do not shy away from a harder sound. Even during an excursion into the higher volume levels beyond the 50 dB mark, our test objects did not show any overemphasis or even weaknesses at any time. [...]

The playback via streaming services such as TIDAL or Internet radio was just as smooth and sonically very tasteful in the review of the Ayers Three as the TV sound output via HDMI.

24 August 2023

Price/performance: outstanding - AYERS Four Wireless

Stereoplay 09/23 "INKLANG gives each chassis its own power amplifier. Of course on the basis of a digital circuit. This is also a purchase that goes by the abbreviation DDFA - "Direct Digital Feedback Amplifier". Behind it are powerful chips from Qualcomm [...]. We removed the power amplifier module and looked at its inner workings - it's as powerful as it is stringent, and every engineer's heart swells. 400 watts are possible, the signal processing happens at 24 bits and 192 kilohertz. In addition, the signal flow is permanently monitored - this is the modern, digital version of a feedback circuit.

23 August 2023

AYERS Plus models with high-quality crossover upgrade

More detail reproduction, fine dynamics, precision and spatial imaging. This is what the high-quality upgrade of the crossovers in the passive AYERS Plus models stands for. After the successful launch of our AYERS Wireless variant in March 2023 we are now following up with the passive variants. The AYERS Plus models now available are equipped with higher-quality, audiophile-grade Z-Cap capacitors. In addition, the tolerances of all other components of the crossover have been significantly reduced to a maximum of 5%.

09 August 2023

AYERS One Wireless – highly recommended

HiFi-IFAs 08/23: “The concept of the fully digital hi-fi system with the streaming hub HD 10 Stream Connect and the active bookshelf speakers AYERS One Wireless works. Installing the components with each other and setting them a piece of cake with the INKLANG InX app. The app runs quickly as well as stably, and those who like to create playlists are welcome to let off steam here.

01 August 2023

Top class – HD 10 Stream Connect

Lite Magazin 07/23: "In addition to the HD 10, we also received a pair of INKALNG Ayers Five Wireless floorstanding speakers for our test. These are connected wirelessly to the Streaming Hub in a few moments. You start the pairing of a speaker in the app and then press the corresponding button on the back of the speaker. The process is then repeated for the second speaker. […] There's not much easier way to set up a system like this, and all in all, it only takes a few minutes to set up the entire setup. [...]

04 July 2023

AYERS Two Wireless – thrillingly dynamic

fairaudio 07/23 "The INKLANG Ayers Two Wireless are finally active speakers that can fully convince me in wireless mode. They show themselves as typical representatives of their product line: enormously playful, powerful and involving on the road, tonally pleasingly complete and in the low frequency range much more powerful than one would assume in view of the size. [...]

More precisely: The bass is blessed with astonishing depth for a compact speaker, yet still very well contoured.

25 May 2023

Excellent – HD 10 Stream Connect

Audio Test 04/23: "After placing the HD 10 Stream Connect - which would have deserved a design award for its simple elegance alone - on our HiFi shelf in the test area, we put the AYERS One Wireless on two stands[…]. Subsequently, we only have to type a few credentials into our iPad and effortlessly download the in-house Inklang app called InX, and we're ready to go. Setting up the contemporary audio setup did not take us fifteen minutes of life. Pairing the speakers - along with updating the firmware - also went almost by itself.

25 May 2023

Excellent – AYERS One Wireless

Audio Test 04/23: "Already in the often quoted intro (Frank Oceans, track "Pilot Jones" from the album "Channel Orange"), [...] the AYERS One Wireless loudspeakers show their full capabilities. Immediately, a magical dimension is created in the listening room. On a wide open stereo stage, responding choirs cavort in front of swelling synthesizer sounds.

04 May 2023

Outstanding - the AYERS Two Wireless

LowBeats 05/2023: “In handling, the INKLANG active system with the hub and the two speakers proved to be pleasingly simple - you can tell that a lot of brainpower was put into creating a system that is easy to use by as many people as possible. [...] I'm now familiar with almost the entire INKLANG program, which to my ears has virtually no weaknesses, because I very much appreciate the speed and openness in the reproduction of these speakers.

25 April 2023

Absolute top class – AYERS Five Wireless

Stereoplay 05/23: "Like all AYERS models we have heard so far, the Five feels most comfortable close to the wall even when the rear switch is set to free placement. But near the wall, it seems more balanced, more focused. It's hard not to talk about the truly terrific bass first. It's as if a very good subwoofer is running along, playing colorfully and expressively. It's simply a blast, although there's not an ounce too much on the ribs here (but thanks to tone controls, you can season to taste).

25 April 2023

Reference class – AYERS One Wireless

Lite Magazine 04/2023: "The AYERS One Wireless delivers a top performance in HiRes quality: equipped with powerful Class D amplifiers, sound processor and wireless module, the compact customizing speaker offers a reproduction that shines with great noise freedom and purity, outstanding plasticity, excellent spatial representation and superb dynamics. The adult and yet contoured bass is also impressive. All these merits plays the active two-way speaker in conjunction with the optional HD 10 Stream Connect also wireless.

21 April 2023

AYERS Four Wireless – Respectable entry into active speakers and streaming

HiFi-IFAs 04/2023: "With the active floorstanding speakers INKLANG Ayers Four Wireless and streaming hub HD 10 Stream Connect, Thomas Carstensen has succeeded in making a respectable entry into active speakers and streaming right away. The speakers offer wireless as well as numerous digital and analog connectivity via cable. The INKLANG HD 10 Stream Connect is also equipped for numerous sources and connections. The idea of a fully digital chain is absolutely coherent and perfectly implemented with the DDFA technology on the amplifier side. The operation is uncomplicated, to which the successful InX app contributes its part.

02 March 2023

Active AYERS Wireless models available now

INKLANG presents with the models AYERS One to Five Wireless five models with active drive and wireless signal transmission, which are available immediately. The customizing concept of the Hamburg-based company thus no longer extends only to the appearance, but also to the choice of drive technology.

02 January 2023

First pictures of the HD 10 Stream Connect

We make a significant technological leap and show first pictures of the Ayers HD10 StreamConnect as the control center for the wireless variants of our AYERS series. The compact AYERS HD 10 is a wireless streaming stereo sound hub and preamp that comes in an extremely high-quality milled aluminum housing. In addition to the integrated high-res streamer with access to all major premium streaming services, it collects additional sources via various analog and digital inputs including HDMI ARC. Its output signal is transmitted digitally to the activated AYERS Wireless speakers.

19 December 2022

AYERS Sub – outstanding

Active Subwoofer Test - LowBeats 12/2022: "This is where the subwoofer comes into play. Because it does what really good subwoofers add to the sound image. On the one hand, it's about more bass - clearly. The AYERS Sub extends the low bass transmission range of the AYERS Wall by at least an octave. This makes the sound image much more habitable, more stable and a bit warmer. But the subwoofer also brings more lightness to the mids. With it, the voices came a bit freer. Above all, [...]: Spatiality becomes much more generous with subwoofer - even in the depths.

19 December 2022

AYERS Wall – outstanding

On-wall speaker test - LowBeats 12/2022: "In the first listening session, we ran the AYERS Wall without bass support. To realize with astonishment: These are really grown-up speakers that also make a really rich bass with the help of the adjacent wall. Actually, nothing was missing here. Like its already tested sisters, the smallest INKLANG enraptures with a wonderfully open, fine-nerved and impulsive sound image.

30 September 2022

AYERS Sub – great calm and abysmal depth

HIFI.DE 08/2022: “The subwoofer is a cube with an edge length of almost 37 centimeters and appears quite bulky not only next to the dainty wall speakers. And with a delicate weight of 28 kg and two bass drivers mounted in a push-push arrangement, it will inevitably command your respect.

30 September 2022

AYERS Wall – euphony from the wall

HIFI.DE 08/22: "Cleverly designed, a wall speaker thus makes a sonic virtue out of the necessity of saving space, and the AYERS Wall is such an example. Screwed to the wall with the integrated bracket, you immediately notice how powerful and full-bodied it sounds from the compact enclosures - even without a subwoofer!

20 August 2022

Price/performance: Outstanding - AYERS Three

Stereoplay 09/2022: "What surprised from the start was their size imaging. In this respect, the testers' expectations were clearly surpassed [...]. The AYERS Three also made small details audible in the background of the recordings from the 1940s, which otherwise tend to get lost - respect.

18 August 2022

AYERS One - Dreamlike sound in the 1,500 Euro class

“INKLANG has hit the jackpot with the small AYERS One. The design and workmanship are first class. The bookshelf speakers are easy to set up and flood the room generously and vividly with music, even outside the sweet spot.

28 July 2022

AYERS ONE - Price/Performance: outstanding

Audio 08/22: "The start was made by Rebecca Pidgeon with the song "Kalerka". The drums, gently beaten with brooms, were resolved velvety, the fine dynamics of the plucked guitar strings were fine-beaded. The voice of the US actress and singer detached effortlessly from the diaphragms and purred seductively through the listening room. The spatial imaging and the fine resolution appealed to me right away. [...]

16 July 2022

Very good - AYERS Three

LowBeats 07/22: "There are tests where we move the speakers back and forth for ages until it sounds reasonably good. And then there are tests where you put the speakers in the ideal place that you calculated beforehand and it ignites immediately. With the AYERS Three, everything was instantly right. The streamer was playing the remastered version of Sade's "Smooth Operator". Hello? Had I ever heard this lasciviously played saxophone so catchy and beautiful before? I certainly couldn't remember it. [...]

09 April 2022


HIFI.DE 04/2022. "Tim Minchin performs a hymn to all redheads out there with Prejudice. [...] The AYERS Three puts you right in the middle of the audience and lets you experience the cheering around you up close. Stage and instruments are rock solid in front of you, one step forward and you could touch the big concert grand piano. The slim speakers succeed extraordinarily well. [...]

19 March 2022

Excellent - AYERS Four Limited Edition

Audio Test 03/2022: "The new AYERS Four floorstanding loudspeakers quickly prove that INKLANG is not only highly regarded for its great customer proximity and user-friendliness, but also has a lot going for it in terms of electro-acoustics.

22 February 2022

Absolutely top class - AYERS Four Limited Edition

Stereoplay 3/22: “INKLANG recommends the Ayers Four for rooms up to 35 square meters. We consider this statement to be true, because in the listening test the test person showed us that he could create a large stereo panorama that easily fills medium-sized rooms - and had the pleasant side effect that the listener could still hear quite well outside the "sweet spot".

18 January 2022

Best compact speaker 2021/2022 - the AYERS Two

In their annual review 2021, the experts from Audio Test and Like HiFi honor the best hi-fi products of the year. This review provides you with excellent guidance. The AYERS Two is the best compact speaker 2021/2022. And this is how the experts justify the award with this editorial prize:

15 January 2022

AYERS Five - Warm sounds from the cool north

HiFi ifas 12.2021: „The bass guitar sounds pleasantly warm and with a full body on "And I Love Her" in Pat Metheny's version. And although only one instrument is played here, the area between the loudspeakers is completely filled, as is the room beyond. The sweet spot of the Ayers Five isn't just limited to a few centimetres, it's kept generous [...].

23 December 2021

Generous and cool - AYERS Four Limited Edition

Fairaudio 12/2021: “Visually, the AYERS Four Gold Blanche are wrapped in cool white, their design language is reduced. When I listen to it, however, the word “generous” keeps coming to mind. This concerns on the one hand the subject of “dynamics”, which the slim AYERS Four tackle with surprising sovereignty, and on the other hand the large-format stage representation, which alternates in the direction of the listener and which is conspicuously coherent right down to the edge.

16 December 2021

Very good - the AYERS Five Limited Edition

Lowbeats 12.2021: “The direct seller INKLANG is something like our discovery of the year. In retrospect, it is a mystery to me why the hamburgers did not come into our focus for so long. [...] You connect the Ayers Five, let them run and you are immediately in the Ayers world. The character of this speaker sounds like the smaller ones, only simply better. That's how it should be. When I think of the Linn loudspeaker line, for example: None of them sound like the other. [...] The Ayers Five has that wonderfully subtle openness that also fascinated me about the "Four".

12 November 2021

AYERS Four "Gold Blanche" - Exclusive and excellent

Lite Magazin 11/2021: “The AYERS Four shines in our test with double exclusivity: On the one hand, it impresses optically with its extra-attractive “Gold Blanche” version of the “Limited Edition 2021”. On the other hand, it scores with its three-way sound conversion with the rare mid-range dome. Thanks to this solution, the AYERS Four achieves an extremely homogeneous, very natural reproduction with a detailed, fine-resolution and highly dynamic image.

07 October 2021

Excellent – the AYERS Two

Audio Test 07/2021: “The sound of the AYERS Two can tend to be described as linear and precise. There are no whitewashers, no dampeners, but loudspeakers with a claim to authenticity and integrity. [...] More mids and transparency instead of loudness. In the heights, this is shown by a fine air band with fascinating precision.

17 September 2021

AYERS Two - Price / Performance: simply outstanding

Lite Magazin 09/2021: “The INKLANG AYERS Two offers an astonishing performance: the compact two-way loudspeaker delivers such a mature reproduction that one can really ask the question of the usefulness of floorstanding loudspeakers. The AYERS Two amazes with its contoured bass capability. But it also impresses with great transparency, great spatiality and very beautiful plasticity.

04 August 2021

Outstanding – the AYERS One

LowBeats 07/2021: "A bookshelf speaker the way you want it. Not only that you can have it painted in almost any available color: The smallest model in the Ayers line is open to almost all amplifiers and is pleasantly uncritical when it comes to installation. Means: You can push it very close to the rear wall without having to fear loss of sound.

10 June 2021

German Brand Award 2021 for INKLANG

After receiving the German Brand Award 2017, we were able to convince the jury of the German Brand Institute, made up of proven brand experts, with our excellent brand management. We were honored for our new brand identity for the introduction of the Ayers series.

31 May 2021

Reference class – the AYERS Five

Lite Magazin 05/2021:  "Yes, the breath of fresh air is audible: For the first time, INKLANG uses a dome for the midrange with the AYERS Five - and thus achieves an extraordinarily lively, very homogeneous and impressively bass-strong reproduction with its flagship. The homogeneity comes from the broadband sound conversion of the midrange driver and its successful connection to the tweeter and the woofers. These teammates can concentrate on their core competencies and thank them with an excellent performance.

09 April 2021

AYERS Wall – Top class

HiFi-Test 03/2021: "The good impression of the Ayers Wall continues on the measuring stand. The bass-midrange driver turns out to be very potent and delivers a decent portion of bass despite the rather small, closed housing. The driver plays down to around 60 Hz without any problems and then continues to run very linearly before the tweeter finally begins to work. He also does his job wonderfully, does not look too smoothly ironed, but retains a certain, lively character.

18 March 2021

AYERS Four – Outstanding

LowBeats 2021/03: “The INKLANG claim to offer loudspeakers that are as uncomplicated as possible has been implemented here to a pleasing extent. The AYERS  Four - or the configurator - offer many adjustment screws to adapt the slim floor-standing speaker optically to the listening room. But with all living space adaptability...

18 March 2021

AYERS Wall + Sub – Highlight

Lite Magazin 03.2021: "The Ayers Wall and the Ayers Sub are an excellent solution for a living room-friendly yet powerful sound system. It is already possible with the wall speakers: Despite their flat and compact design, the Ayers Wall, which can be used as front, center and rear speakers, deliver a transparent and vivid reproduction with an astonishingly adult bass.

22 February 2021

AYERS Five – Reference class

Audio Test 02/2021: “Sometimes it can get confusing because several things happen on different levels at the same time. The bass needs control, the mids space and touch, while the highs need brilliance and breadth, spheres and auras. All of these are the strengths of the INKLANG Ayers Five.

15 February 2021

AYERS Five – intoxicating entertainer

Fairaudio 02/2021. “The INKLANG Ayers Five has its own character and that's a good thing. Powerful, confident and gripping, she is musically very versatile and delivers energetic and dynamic listening fun in almost every genre.

30 December 2020

Price / performance: excellent - the AYERS One

Lite Magazin 22.12.2020: “With the AYERS One INKLANG has succeeded in creating a masterpiece. In just 20 liters of external volume, the Hamburg-based company combines a perfectly crafted housing with top-class drivers to create a small passive sound miracle. [...] Even as I play the first notes, I notice the impressive width that the loudspeakers extend beyond their base ...

17 December 2020

Excellent – the AYERS Three

Audio Test 01/2021: "Yes, ears can smile during a loudspeaker test, because the INKLANG serve us" Ain't No Mountain High Enough "with great clarity and extra dynamics. When the voices of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell set in shortly afterwards, it becomes so beautiful again. We can [...] precisely locate the singer and it seems to us that every instrument is in its place ...

11 December 2020

1,0 Top class – the AYERS Four

HiFi-Test 01/2021: “With its sparkling clean reproduction and linear frequency response, the AYERS Four collects plenty of plus points in the measurement laboratory. A clean bass reproduction starts at 50 Hertz and the high frequency reproduction extends well beyond 20 kHz, and the INKLANG shines with its perfect radiation behavior. [...]

09 December 2020

AYERS Five – the Hamburg native knows no handbrake

“INKLANG promises that the Ayers Five is a loudspeaker that “doesn't want to hide its muscles”. And I can fully subscribe to that after various intense sessions with the black beauty. Especially when things are going musically, the Hamburg native knows no handbrake and whips the drums in her audience in "Ringin 'in my Head" by Black Stone Cherry with top-class emphasis. [...]

11 November 2020

AYERS Two – a very special set designer

Fairaudio 11/2020: “Hopefully my first INKLANG loudspeaker will not be my last. It combines several merits that you would otherwise associate with a floorstanding speaker - namely thrust, the best coarse dynamics, deep and contoured bass as well as realistic representation of large sound sources ...
11 November 2020

Excellent – the AYERS One

Audio Test 08/2020: „Did INKLANG stick to their sound signature with the new AYERS One? The answer is a clear "Yeah!" From the first moment you listen to it. Immediately there is this wonderful, transparent, three-dimensional and natural sound again [...].

02 November 2020

Top class review for AYERS Three

Lite Magazin 11/20: “The INKLANG AYERS Three proves to be graceful with a terrific bass: It delivers a bass that you would not expect from such a slim transducer despite the bass reflex tuning. This is ensured by the woofer positioned on the side of this three-way speaker.

21 October 2020

Highest rating for the AYERS Two

The first review on the AYERS series gives an idea of the enjoyment the new model series promises. "The INKLANG also prove their quality in the listening test, with an extremely plastic, three-dimensional reproduction, these noble sound transducers can also meet high sound requirements.

One of the most popular genres of music ever:
hymns of praise.

Tested and found to be very good.
Again and again.
  • Frank R. from Brüsewitz

    Excellent loudspeakers, perfectly processed and exceptional hifi sound. The advice and service by Mr. Carstensen is second to none.

  • anonymous

    Very nice contact, personal advice, flexible agreement on delivery date. And last but not least: excellent sounding loudspeakers Ayers 4.

  • Jürgen O. from Oranienburg

    To say it in advance, in the service desert of Germany, Inklang is more than just an oasis. [...] The delivery was faster than expected. Very well packed and without any blemish. I could not help it and just put the Ayers Two and put on a record. Wow....what might that sound like when they are properly set up and played in?

  • anonymous

    Precise sound, good bass and spaciousness. Highly recommended in a room of 18m². After listening to many 2-way speakers, the Ayers Two came in first. As a "bass fan" I get my money's worth with a small wall distance.

  • Jürgen S. from Recklinghausen

    Here also the consultation in the run-up to my order (Ayers Three) is to be emphasized. A question is just entered online and not a few minutes later the answer appears. You just have a great feeling how you are perceived as a potential customer, and not somewhere in a waiting loop of a call center sour...

  • anonymous

    Excellent advice and perfect service down to the smallest detail. After sending pictures of my living room, I was recommended the Ayers Wall with Ayers Sub as well as the matching amplifier/streamer and this system leaves nothing to be desired...

  • Ingo K. from Moers

    ... Have changed my whole 5.1 speaker set and don't regret it for a minute. I have exchanged my previous, also German brand, which was much more expensive, for Inklang Ayers Two, One, Center and Sub and experience music and film equally new.

  • anonymous

    Excellent advice and perfect service down to the smallest detail. After sending pictures of my living room, the Ayers Wall with Ayers Sub as well as the matching amplifier/streamer were recommended to me and this system leaves nothing to be desired...