15 February 2021

AYERS Five – intoxicating entertainer

Fairaudio 02/2021. “The INKLANG Ayers Five has its own character and that's a good thing. Powerful, confident and gripping, she is musically very versatile and delivers energetic and dynamic listening fun in almost every genre.

Sensitive minds may want to look for speakers with a higher fine resolution and a somewhat greater spatial distance in the stage image. However, if you want to let yourself be captivated by the music, enjoy and empathize in an uncomplicated and non-technical way, then the “hot-blooded Hanseatic women” are exactly the right choice.


  • Depth with attack - that describes the bass talent of the Ayers Five pretty well. It reaches deep into the frequency basement and “steps” emphatically “to”. But dynamic, always precisely to the point, baggy basses and thump are completely alien to her.
  • Some could wish for the resolving power of the “bear nose” to be a bit more analytical, but in terms of naturalness and plasticity, the middle band of the Ayers is a safe bet. Harmonious, full-bodied, at the same time relaxed and physical, she depicts singing and natural instruments in a pleasant light.
  • The upper end of the frequency connects seamlessly, also in terms of character: The Inklang Ayers Five does not need any conspicuous highlights on the high frequency side to suggest audiophile richness of detail. Everything is there that is needed to enjoy music, but the Ayers Five does not want to be a detective sound magnifier.
  • The Hamburg native is not just a mere lecturer, she is a rousing entertainer. She wants you to deal with the musical happening. Also encouraged by the fact that the spatial representation of the INKLANG Ayers Five follows a very involving model, which blurs the boundaries between auditorium and virtual stage. Despite good localization, nothing for a sound engineer who might prefer a more objective top view, but even more the right thing for lovers of energetic, gripping musical performances.”

Read the full review with Google Translate here. To the AYERS Five model overview.

Eine der beliebtesten Musikrichtungen überhaupt: Lobeshymnen.

Getestet und für sehr gut befunden.
Immer wieder.
  • Frank M. aus Karlsruhe

    Inklang Advanced Line 13.3: Aussergewöhnlich musikalisch, custommade und sehr chice! Hervorragende Online-Beratung, Lieferung der Lautsprecher schneller als zugesagt. Sehr empfehlenswert!

  • C A. aus Verden

    Beeindruckt hat mich die gute Beratung, der concise Service. Alles war auf den Punkt da und von hervorragender Qualität. Wir möchten uns ganz herzlich bedanken! Dieses Projekt hat uns wirklich Spass und Freude bereitet.

  • Herbert L. aus München

    Hatte mir einen Probe Weekender bestellt. Telefonische Beratung war kompetent und sehr freundlich. Problemlose Lieferung und Abholung.

  • Michael B. aus Braunschweig

    Fachkundige und ehrliche Beratung in allen Segmenten des Heimkinos. Kein aufdringliches verkaufen. Man bekommt das was man benötigt, um sich seinen Wunsch zu erfüllen. Möchte man mehr, so obliegt es einem selbst das zu entscheiden. Sowas ist selten.

  • Edgar B. aus Großensee

    Ich kann nur sagen, in jeder Hinsicht High End. Tausend Dank an Herrn Thomas Carstensen und sein Team.