Our speaker series AYERS and our wireless streaming preamplifier HD 10 Stream Connect set new standards: In wireless app control, the acoustics and the look. With true high-end sound, free choice of technology and customizable design. Get a quick overview here or arrange a listening appointment at your home – with our trail weekender.

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AYERS Center
AYERS Center

HD10 Stream Connect

Wireless Streaming Stereo Soundhub | from 899 €

The control center for your wireless music enjoyment with our AYERS Wireless speakers is the HD 10 Stream Connect - stylishly packaged as a design object in a sandblasted aluminum housing. Stream all premium services and connected sources in high-res quality wirelessly to your active AYERS Wireless speakers.

Our HD 10 Stream Connect - made in Hamburg - is also streaming preamplifier for active speakers of other brands or hi res streamer for your existing HiFi.

AYERS One Plus

ab 849 €/Stück

With the AYERS One Plus  you enter our world, in which the best sound and your freedom of design merge into real passion. As an audiophile sound transducer, the One finds space on your shelf or on the sideboard. It fits perfectly into small rooms and appears completely adult with a strong bass - now with a further improved crossover. Supplemented with the matching low board stand or floor standing set up.

AYERS Two Plus

ab 1.099 €/Stück

The AYERS Two Plus almost calls into question the usefulness of floor standing speakers. With an extremely impressive performance in a quiet and loud pace, the Two gives your music power and intense emotion down to the lowest octaves - now with a further improved crossover. The Two stands on the shelf or on the sideboard and feels at home in medium-sized rooms. With the addition of the matching low board stand or floor standing set up, the Two fits perfectly into any room.

AYERS Three Plus

ab 1.749 €/Stück

The AYERS Three Plus is the "wolf in sheep's clothing" in the AYERS series. Very slim and graceful, the Three overwhelms its listeners in small rooms with an almost holographic image and an absurd depth into the 20 Hz region - controlled and precise at all times. The high-end woofer placed on the side wall cannot be located and enables this small floor standing speaker to show up with a performance that you will not soon forget - now with a further improved crossover.

AYERS Four Plus

ab 1.999 €/Stück

The AYERS Four Plus feels at home in medium-sized rooms. It offers a perfect blend of fascinating depth, perfect omnidirectional behaviour and excellent resolution – with exemplary enclosure dimensions. The special combination of the drivers with a high-end silk midrange dome provides a transparent and linear sound image at all times, even far beyond the ideal listening position - now with a further improved crossover.

AYERS Five Plus

ab 2.299 €/Stück

The Five Plus is the top model of the AYERS series and floods large rooms with passion, energy and emotion. And it still likes it a little louder. Two extremely potent high-end woofers as well as the special combination of the 55 mm silk midrange dome with the 22 mm tweeter ensure that the music is drawn immediately live with goose bumps guaranteed - now with a further improved crossover.

AYERS Wall Plus

ab 749 €/Stück

The name says it all: The AYERS Wall Plus is a thoroughly audiophile, flexible wall loudspeaker that you can use as a front, center and surround loudspeaker - now with a further improved crossover. Use it as an audiophile hi-fi stereo system, replacing a soundbar. You can hang him horizontally or vertically. An uncompromising solution when the floor plan does not allow other options.

AYERS Center

ab 1.199 €/Stück

The AYERS Center should not be missing in any adult home cinema set and has all the audiophile virtues of the AYERS series. With its 2 ½ way concept it offers a perfect, linear radiation pattern for the audience on the far left and right of the sofa. With a height of only 162 mm, the Center can be placed on almost any shelf or sideboard.


ab 1.799 €/Stück

The AYERS Sub brings out the lowest octaves down to 22 Hz and does it particularly precisely. On the one hand because it works with a closed enclosure concept. On the other hand, thanks to the two high-performance woofers positioned back to back. Their movement impulses cancel each other out. The 280-watt class D amplifier keeps both drivers on a short leash and shines with particularly low distortion values (THD + N: 0.003%).

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Design speaker covers

Let your speakers merge with your room. With the optional fabric covers you can make your AYERS look homely or simply protect the drivers from prying children's fingers. There are four different fabrics to choose from, which you can also select in advance with our color and fabric sample fan.

Textile speaker cables

Set accents. In detail. With our four exclusive textile-covered speaker cables - made in Germany - you can make your AYERS perfect down to the last detail. The crystal clear sound of our speaker cable is exactly matched to our speakers. Complement your cable with our gold-plated banana plugs or multi-space spade as desired.

Spikes in knurl design

Its specific design prevents scratches on the floor and allows for uncomplicated repositioning of the speaker. Further, the transmission of mechanical vibration to the floor is avoided, which leads to less noise in the nursery and bedrooms, as well as an increased separation of lower frequencies.

Finishes: anodised silver or black. Suitable for the models AYERS Three, Four, Five, Sub and the stands for AYERS One and Two.

One of the most popular genres of music ever:
hymns of praise.

Tested and found to be very good.
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  • Frank R. from Brüsewitz

    Excellent loudspeakers, perfectly processed and exceptional hifi sound. The advice and service by Mr. Carstensen is second to none.

  • anonymous

    Very nice contact, personal advice, flexible agreement on delivery date. And last but not least: excellent sounding loudspeakers Ayers 4.

  • Jürgen O. from Oranienburg

    To say it in advance, in the service desert of Germany, Inklang is more than just an oasis. [...] The delivery was faster than expected. Very well packed and without any blemish. I could not help it and just put the Ayers Two and put on a record. Wow....what might that sound like when they are properly set up and played in?

  • anonymous

    Precise sound, good bass and spaciousness. Highly recommended in a room of 18m². After listening to many 2-way speakers, the Ayers Two came in first. As a "bass fan" I get my money's worth with a small wall distance.

  • Jürgen S. from Recklinghausen

    Here also the consultation in the run-up to my order (Ayers Three) is to be emphasized. A question is just entered online and not a few minutes later the answer appears. You just have a great feeling how you are perceived as a potential customer, and not somewhere in a waiting loop of a call center sour...

  • anonymous

    Excellent advice and perfect service down to the smallest detail. After sending pictures of my living room, I was recommended the Ayers Wall with Ayers Sub as well as the matching amplifier/streamer and this system leaves nothing to be desired...

  • Ingo K. from Moers

    ... Have changed my whole 5.1 speaker set and don't regret it for a minute. I have exchanged my previous, also German brand, which was much more expensive, for Inklang Ayers Two, One, Center and Sub and experience music and film equally new.

  • anonymous

    Excellent advice and perfect service down to the smallest detail. After sending pictures of my living room, the Ayers Wall with Ayers Sub as well as the matching amplifier/streamer were recommended to me and this system leaves nothing to be desired...